Sunday, April 12, 2015

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Wolf is Here!

I am so excited to share that The Wolf Who Ate the Sky has been published by Heyday Books! 

When my daughter Anna was 3.5 years old, we created this story during car rides to and from preschool. In telling it again and again, it grew into the story that is now in this book. My father, artist Charles Hobson, did a fabulous job illustrating and designing it. This 3-generation project is now on Amazon,, and in local bookstores. Signed copies will also be at my next Open Studio on April 25 & 26 in Muir Beach.

Here is a taste of the plot: "A very hungry wolf eats the sky, plunging the whole world into darkness, but a brave boy and a menagerie of animals are determined to bring back the light."  

To learn more about the book and the illustrations in it, please visit Charles Hobson's web site.

Below is a very sweet video of Anna at 3.5 years old telling a version of the story. Enjoy!