Friday, May 25, 2007

Contemporary Quarterly: Art and Text

I am pleased to have been curated into an online exhibition and quarterly publication called Contemporary Quarterly – which is dedicated to putting contemporary art in context. This issue's theme is "art and text," and it includes some of my work from Mapping the Body as well as art by Donald Farnsworth (whose work is on the cover above), Arthur Huang, Rachel Wieking, and Catherine Courtenaye. Each artist’s work is quite distinct offering a nice affirmation of the myriad ways text can be incorporated into art. As the curator Robert Tomlinson explains in his essay, “The five artists represented here are as diverse in their imagery as they are in their choices of mediums. They are, however, unified in their use of text as a means to marry content with form to transform the common and ordinary into the personal and profound.”

You can view the online exhibition which features a clever room by room 3D format by clicking here. Or download a free pdf version of the catalogue by clicking here. Or purchase a hard copy catalogue for $20 by emailing

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