Thursday, April 3, 2008

Center for Photographic Art

I just got word that my exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) has been extended an entire month! It will now close on May 23.

Dennis High and everyone at the CPA did a beautiful job with the installation. I love the dark wall color with the spotlighting - it really lets the work glow against darkness. One of the unique things about this exhibit is the inclusion of vitrines filled with items from my studio. It was a last minute request from Dennis, and at first I was concerned it might distract from the art, but once I got down there and arranged the bits of collage material into the glass cases, I really could see what a nice dimension they add to the show. This is one of the most comprehensive exhibits of my collage work with 59 artworks on display. It is so satisfying to see so many pieces, spanning 10 years of creative work, all up together in one space - they begin to hum and talk to each other in new ways.


Ginny Felch said...

This is as beautiful exhibit, Danny, and so well-deserved. I am thrilled about the extension, and hopefully I will see it when we go visit family in Carmel. Love, Ginny

Anonymous said...

If I can get myself down south in the next month or so I will check the show out. Looks like you are doing well. Glad to see it! The show looks fantastic.

Lauren Usher