Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One of the great things about taking workshops like the one I took a few weeks ago at the SF Center for the Book is connecting with other creative people in the class - sharing insight, advice, and practical tips about being an artist. At that SFCB workshop, two of the artists in the class recommended as a great place to get business cards made. I went online and ordered a batch of their MiniCards - which are half the size of a regular business card and allow you to choose as many images as you want on an order of 100.

I have always been a lover of small things - it's part of why much for the work in Mapping the Body is small scale. These cards are right up my alley. On the back of each is my name and web site, and on the front I selected a range of work (all cropped a bit to fit the card size). Here in this photo you see along the bottom the following images: A Creative Fire Within, Flight, Sanctuary #5, and Evocation #018, plus in the box Encyclopedia and Embolden Wishes for Positive Change. I love it that when passing out cards people can choose their favorite image.

I also ordered from Moo a nice case to keep the cards in my purse - but beware if you have a two year old in your household. Mine has co-opted the case as her new toy, and buried it in her room somewhere. If you are new to Moo, you can get a 10% discount on your order if purchased by September 30 by using this code: BVJH7H.

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