Monday, January 1, 2007

A Seed is Planted

This blog has been a seed of an idea that I have been carrying around in my back pocket for months. It has been nurtured by my explorations of the blogosphere – by the pleasure and inspiration I have gleaned from blogs like Keri Smith’s Wish Jar. And it has been cultivated directly by my good friend, blogger Britt Bravo whose advice and input have helped me finally make the leap into blogging. I am deeply grateful for her help.

I start this blog with three hopes. The first is the hope that regularly reflecting on my creative process and sources of inspiration will encourage me to spend more time in both my actual art studio, and also in my inner studio -- that creative state of mind that allows even the most ordinary of experiences to open up with creative possibility. There are so many distractions in life, and I want this blog to be a tool to help me stay grounded in my creative center.

The second hope is that the blog will generate connectivity. As a creative person working most often alone, it has been so heartening to read of other’s journeys through the artistic life. Blogs like On My Desk take the edge off of isolation. Seeing all these other wonderful workspaces inhabited by creative explorers like myself, I am filled with a wonder at how many creative people are out there working away at this thing called art. It gives me an instant sense of connection.

My third hope is that what I share here may light a spark for someone else who is surfing the web, looking for that sense of connection or a hit of inspiration -- that I may be able to give something back to the blogosphere, which has given so freely to me.

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Jonathan said...

This is the best blog I have ever read.