Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Support of Friends

A week ago today, I was in Tucson for my reception at the Etherton Gallery. As I think back about that experience, one of the things that rises to the surface is the tremendous support of my friends, fellow photographers Candace Gaudiani and Ken Rosenthal (pictured above). Candace flew in from the Bay Area to be there and Ken, who lives in Tucson, put us up at his house. From the moment I arrived, they took such good care of me – picking me up at the airport, taking me out for dinner, photographing the reception for me, and helping me celebrate an exhibit that is a highpoint in my art life. I am so grateful for their friendship.

The show was beautifully hung by Terry Etherton and his gallery staff. They created lovely groupings of images that punctuate the cozy brown walls. The reception was packed with people, but still afforded the ability to have intimate conversations about my work. It was one of those nights when I felt like a “real artist.”

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