Thursday, February 15, 2007


A huge sense of relief flooded me after leaving Trillium the other day. Located in Brisbane, CA, Trillium (aka The Land of Yes) specializes in fine art printing - everything from lithography to digital media. I have been experimenting with the latter with the excellent help of imaging specialist Kris Shapiro. She is a whiz with Photoshop, and although my knowledge of PS is expanding, it was nice to be able to have Kris make edits quickly for me that would have taken much trial and error for me to figure out. Sometimes it’s just really nice to have someone hold your hand, especially with a deadline fast approaching.

My Bolinas Museum show will be installed in two weeks, and I am happy to say with a huge sigh that the work is almost complete. I have a dozen new pieces from Bottle Dreams, and digital prints from two new series, Evocations and Sanctuary. Pictured here are some of my prints, all curly from coming straight off the press. I owe much gratitude to the Epson printer in the back left, named Scratch, and, of course, to Kris.

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